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Antimicrobial coating products


  • Unique 360 all-round protection 
    • AirTumTec technology uses a combination of antimicrobial surface coating for walls and doors, as well as negative ion air purification coating on ceiling vents and air-conditioners, to ensure the highest level of protection against surface and air-borne bacteria 
  • Highly durable 
    • Thanks to AirTumTec technology, its antimicrobial coating solution is able to last up to 12 months as compared to the average six months of other antimicrobial coating solutions in the market
  • Certifications of trust 
    • AirTumTec has been tested using military testing standards and the tough coating is abrasive-resistant and proven to withstand wiping with disinfectant to maintain its long lasting effect
    • Certified non-carcinogenic, non-heavy metals, non-alcohol, eco-friendly and child friendly antimicrobial coating solutions

Portfolio of clients using AirTumTec antimicrobial coating technology:

SMRT All Public buses, 7 Capitaland Malls and buildings, Singtel buildings and retail, Wallich Residences, Wheelock Place building office and retail common areas, Chanel HQ and boutiques, The Paragon, Seletar Mall, Clementi Mall, Centre 1 & Commonwealth, Centre at Junction 10