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Electrical Services: 

  • Submission of Documents for Method of Statement / Risk Assessment / Permit To Work / Shop and As-Built Drawings 

One of the reasons why High Tech is one of the best electrical contractors in Singapore is because we look after your preliminaries well for you. Our electrical services include preparing shop drawings and submission to landlord management, engaging Qualified Persons (QP) for SCDF endorsement, and supplying labour to do daily cleaning of the site.   

  • Installation, Maintenance, Extension of Electrical Wiring System

High Tech’s suite of electrical services include supply, delivery and installation of Metre Board and inter-link cablings, as well as Distribution Board (electric panel) with internal components, indicator light and all accessories. High Tech electrical services also looks after supply and installation of telephone cables complete with support system, block terminal and all accessories. 

  • LEW Endorsement & Single Line Diagram Submission 

High Tech electrical services can help with the designing and endorsing of Single Line Diagram, application and renewal of Energy Market Authority (EMA) electrical and supply installation license, as well as and Licensed Electrical Worker (LEW)-related services.